DBA 4000 Series T3 Rotors

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Whether you’re zigzagging through your morning commute or carving out tight curves during a weekend trip to the track, your ride needs a set of brakes that matches your aggressive driving style. For a beefy boost in braking strength, bolt on a set of DBA T3 4000 Series Rotors.

Expertly engineered to make your brake pedal as responsive as your gas pedal, DBA 4000 T3 Rotors are built with the exclusive tri-symmetrical slot design. This ingenious pattern of curved grooves delivers maximum vibration reduction for even quieter, smoother and stronger stops over track-tested DBA T2 rotors.

Since sportier driving leads to high heat, your DBA T3 Rotors are built to stay cool under intense pressure. First, they’re constructed from XG150 high-carbon alloyed iron for greater thermal capacity and high-heat stopping power. On top of that, they boast DBA’s unique Kangaroo Paw venting system to speed up the cool down time. Lastly, they’re marked with thermo-graphic heat paint so you can check their peak temps and stay on top of servicing.

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