Elig SP Brake Pads


Elig SP are performance brake pads designed for general road driving with sport performance characteristics. The SP pads combines a low wear rate with sport performance at an affordable price.

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  • High speed stability and fade resistance.
  • NRS mechanical friction attachment technology (depending on the calipers).
  • RDC groove design for efficiency of brakes.
  • 100% non Asbestos. Complies with RoHS.
  • Certified to TS 16949 Standards.
  • Suitable for a variety of OEM and aftermarket calipers.

Suitable for

  • Someone who wants to have control and performance in their brakes.
  • A person who appreciates sports driving but still seeking the braking economy and affordability.


  • Road and amateur sports events

Performance Analysis

  • Applicable rotor temperature range: 0~500 °C
  • Friction coefficient: 0.38~0.50μ

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